Photo Courtesy of: WPI

Recognizing WPI’s IQPs

Each year, WPI gives student teams who have completed their Interactive Qualifying Projects (IQPs) in the previous year the opportunity to present their hard work in front of a panel for the chance to be recognized with a President’s IQP Award. The teams that win are considered to have produced outstanding work focusing on the relationships between science, technology, and the needs of society.

Of the 50 IQP projects nominated for the award annually, only five projects were selected to present to WPI President Laurie Leshin for the chance to be honored with the Award.

This year, the first place team worked in Shkodra, Albania to reduce flood risk through community engagement. The project team consisted of Kylie Dickinson ‘19, Sarah St. Pierre ‘19, Tyler Weiss ‘19, and Donald Dione ‘19. Collaborating with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (German Corporation for International Cooperation), through interviews with residents of the Shkoder region, they revealed a lack of public knowledge regarding effective preparation for floods, and worked with local agencies to develop outreach tools to aid locals in their flood preparedness.

In second place came the team who worked in Himachal Pradesh, India to develop strategies to reduce the risks associated with drowsy driving. Sierra Palmer ‘19, Glenndon McCormick ‘19, Nico Fabbrini ‘19, Utkrisht Dhankar ‘19, Archit Kumar ‘19, and Rushil Singhal ‘19 created four prototypes to address drowsy driving following interviews with local bus and taxi drivers.

Those interested in reading the full IQP reports can do so through a search on the Gordon Library website if they are a member of the WPI community.