Meet the WPI Class of 2022!



Hey everyone! My name is Ashley and I am from Birmingham Alabama. I’m like 99.9 percent sure that I will be going to WPI next year, but I haven’t committed yet. I plan on majoring in cosmetics and maybe even picking up a minor in mathematics…who knows though. In high school I swim for my school’s swim team (doggie paddle because my hair can’t get wet) and I hope this is something I can continue in college. Something I am also looking forward to in college is joining a sorority. I absolutely LOVE the idea of having so many sisters to gossip with, share clothes with and force friendship upon. Plus sorority girls get into all of the frat parties and who doesn’t love a good party or formal. On another note, I definitely want to room in the co-ed housing in founders so all you cute boys better hmu cause I’m looking for roommates! If you don’t want to live with me, still hmu cause I know cute boys are few and far between at a nerd school. I can’t wait to meet you all soon! And be sure to follow me on insta (I need to reach 15k followers)!



Hi everyone. I’m Pattrice and I live in a tiny town in Delaware that none of you have every heard about. I committed to WPI way back in December and I plan on being one of the six chemistry majors in the class of 2022. In my free time I enjoy reading (Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief anyone), binge watching shows on netflix (NCIS all the way) and adventuring the outdoors. I also played soccer on my high school’s varsity team. I wasn’t great but I’ve heard WPI sucks at sports, so maybe I can play in college. Something I’m looking forward to the most about WPI is the ratio. With that many guys some one has to be desperate enough to date me. I mean, I would be down for anyone considering I took a cut-out of a dudes head on a stick to prom. Anyways, enough with my life story! I’m still looking for a roommate (preferably to live in Riley) and I can’t wait to meet you all in the fall!



What’s up guys. The name is Luke and I am from La Jolla, California. I commited to WPI like two days ago and I plan on majoring in biology. I’m pretty chill and I enjoy playing guitar in my free time. WPI should be fun and I’m looking forward to the east coast. If you wanna room with me, send me a message. If you wanna start a band…also message me. It would be rad to play some gigs at a frat or local bar.  



I’ve already posted in the group, but since there are so many new people I figured I better post again. Anyways, for those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Cam and I’m from Stowe, Vermont. I’ve already committed to WPI and I plan on majoring in mechanical engineering…I’m actually pretty hyped cause I’ve heard there’s a course about skiing. Oh yeah, if you haven’t guessed it yet, I love skiing and pretty much live on a mountain. Besides that, I also spend my free time hanging with friends, playing (losing) fortnite and watching netflix. At WPI I plan on joining the ski team (big shocker) and I also plan on rushing a fraternity. I’ve already heard that one frat really digs hawaiian shirts, so I’m looking forward to rushing them (I own like four shirts so I think I would fit in). And I guess another frat has a lot of ultimate frisbee players? I think that could be fun cause I also enjoy disc golf, and a frisbee is a frisbee, right? Anyways, i’m looking for a roommate so message me if interested!



Hey fellow nerds, my name’s Matthew (xXx360NoScopexXx on PSN but more importantly DahBomb1337 on Steam because #pcmasterrace). I DM for a a few D&D campaigns (4th edition duh) so if you’re interested in that at WPI hmu. Also until then any of y’all who roll PUBG or Siege let me know and I’ll add you to my Discord (only if you’re gud tho no scrubs lol). I have over a hundred subscribers on Twitch so you’ll be internet famous if you play with me 😉 Oh and how big a fridge can freshmen have? Because I always need to keep at least four 2L’s of Code Red stocked for raid night. A few friends of mine also run a SkyFactory Minecraft server you can join, but you have to promise not to grief first.